Why you need to write and store your best life decisions now?

By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

We all make decisions in our life. Our life as such is a huge collection of consequences of our decisions. What about for you? Do you believe that your life has been more or less a result of your own decisions. Some good ones and some bad ones. And it is about the good ones I will like to discuss with you now.
Can you remember some of the best decisions you have taken. It may be of any area, financial, career, health, relationships, etc. Just see and feel through that experience again. Re-live that experience; the experience of making that decision and also pleasantly welcoming the positive consequences. How do you feel about yourself, your decision making capacity, your life as you live through that experience.

I am sure you will be feeling good about yourself as you re-live that experience. This feel good factor is what is important to improve your levels of self-esteem, self- confidence and above all developing the trust about yourself and your decision making skills. You will open up to love yourself better and open up to receive good things in your life. And this way, you will actually be in a better position to live your life.

When you store these in a system, you can get back to them and motivate yourself to be at a higher level of vibration and create a better life. And this way, you will better love and serve yourself, others, and the whole world.

Take out a sheet of paper and write down the best decisions of your life.
Go through them again and again.
Feel those feelings and anchor that feel-good factor and self-love within yourself.
Store them and get back to them from time to time to get yourself all pumped to live a better life.
And that way, be ready to add more and build more great decisions.

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