Why it is high time to give attention to your negatives?

By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

“Negatives, oh my god. Why should I look into them?” Is that a question ringing in your mind? Well, yes because there is a strong connection between your negatives and the results that your positives are bringing towards you which you deserve and you will now learn how?
So, you have all the positives, you work on them, you express them, you live them, and you get all the results coming towards you and at the crucial moment you stumble. You face an obstacle or a series of them because of which you are stopped dead on your tracks.

They are your obstacles, your stumbling blocks before the finish line, the holes in your bucket whick if filled full with results but leaking big time before you could reach home.

They are your negatives, the negatives which prevents the great results you deserve. They are your unknown shadows which steal away your light from glowing. They are your constraints and bottlenecks of your flow.

And that is why you need to take care of them, for having the complete flow. You need to fix the leaks so that you can take all the water in your pitcher to your home.

And for that, it is time to give the required attention to your negatives and have them managed properly.

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