Peak Performance Coaching

Peak performance coaching for your life, career, and organization can be summed up as a tool to make sure two results:

Progress and Growth.

Peak performance coaching for your life, career, and organization can be summed up as a tool to make sure two results: Progress and Growth. kashmaharaja kash maharaja dr maharaja sivasubramanian

What is Peak performance Coaching?
Peak Performance Coaching is a process of facilitating Performance development to an optimal level of empowered and enriched effectiveness and efficiency. In Peak Performance Coaching, the desired result is established upon and coaching facilitated to improve in those key area.
It is about helping you to get your achievements to the highest levels of your potential in every moment.

Peak performance is about mastery, not mediocrity. What is your choice?

Do you have what it takes to be a peak performer?
A Peak performer is driven by the internal standard of excellence where they want to be the best in what they can be, in what they do and the results they can have. Peak performers do not belive in the life of rat race and being mediocre and doing things which they are not connected with. For them, it is about living excellence, having a meaningful like, and being passionate about every aspect of them.

Peak performance coaching is about preparation, visualization, decision, developing a routine, the needed training, focus, empowering with calm intensity, technique, timing, perfect practice, discipline, motivation, positive thinking, desire, confidence, effort, belief in one’s own self, and consistency with decisions and actions.



How much do you find yourself in this situation?
A lot of people either find themselves in a bad shape or in a position where they feel they can get better results in their life than now. And for most of them, it ends there. They just know they can be better in their life, and at times even be able to know about what areas they have to or want to improve. It helps a lot to have the clarity of where the needs to be there.
Once the clarity is there,  it needs to be closely associated with alignment of one’s own values. When the alignment develops the commitment comes from within.

To be a success outside, you got to be a success inside. Are you?


Then it is about getting to acquire the skills and becoming competent and being able to take massive action. And with competence, and other factors as discussed above, you gain the confidence. The confidence to win.
And in all the stages you can get better with coaching.

I too have been in a phase of my life where it was all about confusion, chaos and being average. When things were happening not in a way I wanted but the other way round, where I was wanted to live according to the way things were happening to me. A part of my life, where my entire life was disorganized and I was suffering and being miserable in all parts of my life. And then, it all changed. And the change happened with one simple decision. A decision to live my life to the maximum of my potential and help others achieve the same.


K : knowledge, know-how; You will be learning the most proven, time-tested, practical marketing knowledge also the know-how of how to apply it practically in your business thus helping you prevent the stress and overwhelm usually associated with ton of information available outside about marketing.

A : ability, aptitude, approach, attention, awareness, attitude, action, aspiration; You will be receiving the training and resources to improve your abilities in the area of marketing, promotion, branding, positioning and sales. What are the things you need to be aware about and what are the levels of attention you need to give them and actions you need to take about them. To say it one line; it is about helping you become so resourceful so that, you can make your dreams come true.

S : skills, smiles, success; Get the skills and increase the smiles and successes of yours, your family and others in the society.

H : happiness, habits, humanity, homeostasis; Homeostasis is about balance. And it is about developing the happiness within and not depending upon the market or its reactions for your happiness. And finally, about learning, imbibing and expressing the habits of world-class to make yourself better to serve the humanity at large.

Is Peak Performance Coaching for you? How will Coaching help you?
Good question. Peak Performance coaching is for those who want to enhance their life and become more effective and efficient. It is about conditioning yourself to peak performance and be the best in the areas you want to be.

Peak performance is not about aggression, it is about progression.

Coaching is provided based on your needs. Once your needs are completely understood and clarified, frameworks are developed using comprehensive and advanced methodologies for choosing the improvement path to achieve your goal faster and more efficiently. Coaching will help you in the following major ways;
1. Identify the blind-spots and obstacles which are actually slowing you down from being effective and take action to remove them.
2. Become more resourceful.
3. Identify your strengths and start leveraging on them.
4. Expand your comfort zone and performance abilities to achieve maximum with minimum effort.
5. Fine tune how you think and what you think. Manage your mind, thought processes and emotional drivers.
6. Be able to understand and improve in the eight functional areas of life.
7. Grow to the level of mastery. To a state of feeling and being where the doing happens in an easy way, as a flow.
8. Be able to get things done. You make things happen to a better way than allowing things happen to you.
9. Train yourself to win.
10. Be able to enjoy the journey than waiting for the destination for having the sense of happiness, joy and fulfillment.


Live your life, prosper in your career, and grow in your organization which is completely engaging and fulfilling. That is what peak performance all about.

What are the Nine functional areas of Life?
The nine areas which I divided my life and could see a pattern and help myself to live a better life. The nine areas where anyones life can be divided at a macro level to enhance.

The nine functional areas of life are the most important areas where focus in needed to enhance life.

  1. Physical health.
  2. Mental preparedness.
  3. Emotional well-being.
  4. Social connectedness.
  5. Environmental stability.
  6. Economic abundance.
  7. Career growth.
  8. Nutritional enrichment.
  9. Spiritual progression.

For a peak performer, it is about being able to focus in the moment and not get lost. It is about being fully present in the now. On a scale of 0 to 10, how much are you present in the now?



What is the methodology in the coaching provided?
Coaching Methodology
1. Understanding and analysing the client needs.
2. Formulating a suitable coaching model to enhance performance.
3. Conducting of coaching program with incorporation of desired skill enhancing exercises.
4. Post training assessment to assess learning levels and understanding of performance level.
5. Follow-ups with more assessments and refresher coaching sessions.

Things work when you have the desire to make things work, and go and work them. Do you have the desire in you?

KASHMaharaja, Empowering and enriching you to achieve progress and growth in your life, career and organization through peak performance coaching. Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

How is Peak Performance Coaching delivered?
Coaching is delivered through one to one coaching and group training programs.

The why determines the what and the what determines the how. What is your why to succeed?

KASHMaharaja, Empowering and enriching you to achieve progress and growth in your life, career and organization through peak performance coaching. Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N KASH Maharaja

Why do you want something, what is it that you really want, how are you going to  go and get what you want.
It is about having the clarity in the mindset and aligning it with your values, then developing a suitable strategy and being tactical in implementing it.

What are the salient features of the Coaching Programs?
1. Cost effective.
2. Customized and Comprehensive to individual needs.
3. Result oriented.

Being a peak performer is a leadership movement. It is a movement of being, doing and having excellence and mastery in your life, career and organization. And when you get into this movement, you are a leader. Are you ready for the journey?

KASHMaharaja, Empowering and enriching you to achieve progress and growth in your life, career and organization through peak performance coaching. Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N KASH Maharaja

What are the areas where Peak Performance Coaching helps?
Peak Performance Coaching can be used to improve both personal as well as professional life. Some of the professional areas where Peak Performance Coaching is an ideal solution are as follows;

[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]Achievement
Body Language
Conflict Management
Crisis Management
Customer Relationship Management
Decision Making
Empowerment[/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””] Entrepreneurship
Goal Setting and Accomplishment

Human Resources
Mind set
Peak Performance
Personal Development
Presentation Skills
[/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_1third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]


Risk Taking
Self Confidence
Strategic Planning
Stress Management
Task Management
Team Building
Time Management
Work-Life Integration

Got more questions? Email them or give them in comments below and they will be answered in the blog.

Be Healthier and Happier. Become Empowered and Enriched.

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N


For info regarding Personal one to one Coaching, click here.

Book Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N for your event.

Congratulations to you for choosing to book Dr Maharaja for your next event. His keynote speeches and workshops are modelled with delivering value and empowerment to enrich the audience from being a performer to becoming a peak performer. His rich expertise combined with his comprehensive approach is the right kind of solution that you may have looked for.

Organizing a peak performance coaching event is an excellent opportunity to invest in your organization’s future. The following information is to serve you better and help you in organizing the event easily making it a pleasant experience.
Contact Dr Maharaja with your requirements for your talk with details including;
1. The topic of your choice.
2. The duration of the event.
3. The audience demography; in terms of;
– Number of people.
– Average age group.
– Professional interests.
– Preferred language of communication.
4. The venue of the event.
5. The date and time of the event.
6. Information about your organization and the event.
7. The purpose of organizing and bringing in Dr Maharaja for your event. The key deliverable expected.
8. Any other information which you feel vital to be shared.

Coaching/Speaking Investment:
1 Keynote Speech up to 90 minutes : 5,000 INR
2 Full day program : 25,000 INR

Dr Maharaja can be booked for an event by scheduling with him by one month in advance. Booking done with less than one month’s notice may not be able to be complied with if the schedule is packed.

Branding and Selling options: Dr Maharaja prefers be provided the option for branding his work and to sell his products at the event. This is a method to supplement the training program with excellent merchandise which will empower the participants further. Good discounts will be provided for purchases at the event for all the participants. In case, your organization has a policy differing from this, please do let know in advance.

Travel & Accommodation: Travel & Accommodation need to be provided by the organization.

You can also have a look at Dr Maharaja’s event schedule to check whether the event can be suitably placed.


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