Nobody wants to be a mediocre individual. Is that so?

By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Read this line somewhere recently. And it read, ‘nobody wants to be a mediocre individual’. True agreed. However, there is also something which needs to be corrected with that want.
Nobody wants to be a mediocre. That is good to have an intention to be good or become great. And yes, intentions are something which are very important.

As I have seen and consulted in various industries with numerous people, they all have good and even high intentions to begin with. However, sometimes, the struggle begins with what happens next with the intentions. Either people mis-calculate the amount of effort required to realize that intention to reality, or are not aware of not needs to be done and end up getting overwhelmed, and then in some of the worst cases, in the sight of slightest peril or discomfort, drop the intention at all and start focus on something else.
This is where life happens rather than being created to make the life happen the way we want.

So, the focus is not just that people do not want to be a mediocre individual, rather as to what they do to achieve further. The wish for the result is there, however, where a lot many falter is when they have to take the action, to do the things which will make that success happen that people tend to get laid back and stay within their comfort zone and end up being mediocre.

It is not such a wrong situation for left to itself, your mind wants to protect you and take care of your safety and security more than anything else, and it is in the same case, that it makes you stay in the comfort zone. However, staying too much time within the comfort zone is just going to make a person mediocre rather than making it to greatness.

So, if you don’t want to be mediocre and want to embrace greatness in your life, expand. Expand your comfort zone and expand your life to greatness.

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