If this is missing from your goals, chances are you are going to miss them altogether and end up with something else.

By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Whenever clients come to me for coaching or consulting, I ask them what is their goal they want to work with me for. And I keep on asking them again and again in every subsequent meeting. And if you are reading this post right now, it is time for you also to keep on asking what is your goal again and again, and the reason why is discussed below.

So, you want to achieve a goal, however how well do you know your goal? The following dialogue will help in having a better understanding.

If a student comes and says;
Student: I want to do my higher studies post my schooling, that is one thing.
Me: What higher study will you like to do?
S: I want to study engineering.
M: What branch of engineering do you want to study?
S: Something related with electronics.
M: Is it electronics as it is or allied with other branch like communication?
S: It can be allied.
M: Any specifc type of institute?
S: Institutes like IIT will do.

And so on, the conversation can go on and the student may end up choosing the course of electronics and electrical communications engineering from IIT Kharaghpur (My friend Mr Akshay Goel has done this course and that is how I came to know about the course).

The point here is, it is different from saying that you want to study higher, wherein you may not know what to do next and may actually end up wasting a lots of time and energy, as compared to working on making your goals as smart or as vivid as possible to all possible details. That way, when you have all the various details with utmost clarity, your chance of hitting on the goal is great; else you may end up landing up on somewhere else.

Rather, invest the time on getting the vividity and description of your courses. Make it more expressive. It is worth the time and effort which may look a huge leap in the beginning, though will actually be helping you save a lots of time and resources down the lane and actually also has the following effects:
– Lots of time, resources, money saved in the long run.
– Absolute clarity in terms of what you are creating at a higher level.
– Being clear about what is there and what is not there in something according to your expectations and definitions. (Rich for you may be different definition from rich for me or someone else).
– Prevention of lots of unwanted feelings and emotions of frustration, feeling struck, emptiness, lack of motivation, undying thirst for outside inspiration, helplessness, fear, panic, etc.
– Power, confidence, competence, courage, determination, persistence which all arise owing to the ever-increasing clarity.
– Better choices and better life opted and created every day.
– Smooth flow in life with little bumps, roadblocks and obstacles.
– Better clarity, leading to better communication, leading to better relationships with self and others.
– More happiness and joy.
– Laser sharp focus.
– Ability to immerse oneself in something specific owing to the knowledge of what is wanted or expected.
– The power to identify all those things, emotions, stuff, etc, that are no longer needed and being able to let it go.
– The power to identify all those things, emotions, resources, etc that are needed and being able to acquire them.
– Peaceful life.
– The ability to design your life, to chisel and create your destiny, to manifest that which you truly desire.
– And much, much, much more.

Can you give yourself the gift of adding more vividity, specifity and clarity to your goals every single day or at frequent time intervals and thus design your life?
Are you ready to empower and enrich your life?
Are you ready to unleash a new dimension of your potential and growth owing from higher clarity?
How vivid are your goals?
How much to the specific details are you painting it with every day or at regular intervals?

And above all, please do put all your ideas and thoughts in writing, as a vision board, make it visual, and that way it just gets better.

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Helping you make your dream your reality;
your consultant and coach to help you maximize your potential and become a healthier, happier, peak performer;
Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

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