How to achieve real big things part 2 6

How to achieve real big things part 2

By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

How did you like the last instalment. If you have not read it and done the exercises given in the first part, please do so now and then continue to read.

So, how many reasons do you have now? Have you got at least 20? 20 reasons to achieve something big is good minimum enough to be a motivating force behind the whole process.

Now, to the next major step to achieve the big thing.

Do the necessary planning and organizing.

What are the major resources that you will need to achieve the big goal?
How much of money and material are needed?
While most achievements have begin with little monetary investment in a small way, what is the exact amount according to you that you need to achieve the target? When you have clarity of the amount needed, you will be more sure of achieving better things.

What are the different materials needed?
When set to achieve a goal, various types of materialistic resources are needed. For example, even to get to read this post on the web, you needed to have an internet connection and a computer or laptop. Like this what is the exact materials needed for you to achieve your goal?

Who are the people who can help you out?
People help to achieve get things done. For one of the greatest resources every person can have has is the human resources. There are various type of people who can help you achieve your goal.
One, the people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. They can teach you exactly how to do it.
Two, the people who have the resources with them to get your job done and goal accomplished.

What is the plan that you are going to take to achieve your big goal?
Write down a step by step plan. This plan should be as specific as possible to help you achieve the goal. Apply the SMART rule to it.
Make the plan specific, with the exact tasks that are to be carried out.
Make it measurable as to how you are going to do periodic assessment.
Plan achievable and realistic things. When the plan is realistic, the execution will be smooth and success will have a higher probability. When the plan seems unrealistic, especially to you chances of becoming demotivated and losing track thus ending up in failure is high.
Be conscious with time in terms of execution of the plan. If a plan is completed well within the time limit, it ensures success. If the time overlaps, many a times, the whole effort is wasted.

Hence, to achieve big things, follow the above steps and get into action. I have shared about implementing action in a highly structured manner in a previous post which I will like you to revisit.

As a recap for achieving big things;
Ask yourself why you need to achieve big things.
How much of money and material are needed?
What are the different materials needed?
Who are the people who can help you out?
What is the plan that you are going to take to achieve your big goal?
Take committed and continuous action.

To our Success,

Become empowered and enriched. Be healthier and happier.

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

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