How to achieve real big things? Part 1 3

How to achieve real big things? Part 1

By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Everyone wants to be big, but do they really become big?
Why is it that there are very few people who achieve extraordinary results while most have mediocre ones?
What are the biggest obstacles that prevent people from making it big?

How many times have you actually wanted to do big things?
Then, you took a complete view around, analyzed the world as it is, and set to do and achieve something else differently.
If that different thing is something beyond your first goal, and of a much higher value, then congratulations. If not, read along.

Most of the people see dreams of achieving big things. Then when it comes to real life, they start looking at things in a totally different way. One with a view of contentment and another one with a view of security.
In both the views, a same person who ventured out to achieve big settles down for something which will make him comfortable.
One of my favourite mentors, Les Brown always says; “People don’t fail because they set big goals and fail to achieve them, they rather set low goals and go on to achieve them”.

Many people start with high dreams and aspirations. However, when they start planning and executing their plans, it is then they falter. They then get closer to a state which they call to be realistic. For, they find it out that many have actually started to achieve big things like them with most failing to do so and settling for less. And also, they come to know of the amount of hard work and sacrifice they have to put in to achieve big and rather to be comfortable, they settle down with less. They become content with what they feel is more realistic and more comfortable.

To achieve big, one need not start big. Even small efforts put in consistently over a period of time build up to great results.
However, one need to have really high goals and also high belief in self for achieving those big goals to go on to achieve them.

It may seem to be a situation where you get ridiculed by others for having big aspiration which may seem to be exceedingly large. In fact, you will start attracting a lot of so called successful people who in some cases are better than you and in most cases worse than you coming and giving you advice as to why you cannot achieve big. They may be your role models who according to you have achieved big, however in reality, they would have achieved marginally better than you and in most cases, very mediocre achievements for their potential.

So, now it upto you if you really want to achieve big results. If you want to, then continue reading.

“Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations – Ralph Charell.”

What is it that you want to achieve big? In which area of your life do you really want to become, have and do bigger and better than what you are now. Identify the area of your life specifically and with that identification is the process started.

Write down the specific area where you want to achieve big and wait along for the next installment of this series.

However, until the next installment, write down why you need to achieve big in that specific area of yours. Write as many reason as possible for what you write will guide you through the rest of the process.

Be healthier and happier. Become empowered and enriched.

To our success.

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

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