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Book Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N for your event.

Congratulations to you for choosing to book Dr Maharaja for your next event. His keynote speeches and workshops are modelled with delivering value and empowerment to enrich the audience from being a performer to becoming a peak performer. His rich expertise combined with his comprehensive approach is the right kind of solution that you may have been looking for.

Organizing a peak performance coaching event is an excellent opportunity to invest in your organization’s future. The following information is to serve you better and help you in organizing the event easily making it a pleasant experience.
Have a look at the coaching page and contact Dr Maharaja with your requirements for your talk with details including;
1 The topic of your choice.
2 The duration of the event.
3 The audience demography; in terms of;
Number of people.
Average age group.
Professional interests.
Preferred language of communication.
4 The venue of the event.
5 The date and time of the event.
6 Information about your organization and the event.
7 The purpose of organizing and bringing in Dr Maharaja for your event. The key deliverable expected.
8 Any other information which you feel vital to be shared.

Coaching/Speaking Investment:
1 Keynote Speech up to 90 minutes : 2,500 INR
2 Full day program : 15,000 INR

For personal one-to-one coaching, 1,500 INR per session of 90 minutes.

Dr Maharaja can be booked for an event by scheduling with him by one month in advance. Booking done with less than one month’s notice may not be able to be complied with if the schedule is packed.

Branding and Selling options: Dr Maharaja prefers be provided the option for branding his work and to sell his products at the event. This is a method to supplement the training program with excellent merchandise which will empower the participants further. Good discounts will be provided for purchases at the event for all the participants. In case, your organization has a policy differing from this, please do notify in advance.

Travel & Accommodation: Travel & Accommodation need to be provided by the organization.

You can also have a look at Dr Maharaja’s event schedule to check whether the event can be suitably placed.

Be Healthier and Happier. Become Empowered and Enriched.

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N is a Peak Performance Coach. Book Dr Maharaja N for your training needs in your organization. Also contact Dr Maharaja N for your personal one to one peak performance coaching.